For Hire

For Hire

I’m available for hire in the Palouse area! If your yard is overgrown and you don’t have the time or energy to get it under control, you deserve local and passionate services to get the beautiful lawn and garden of your dreams.

I’ve done yard care since I was a kid and have years of experience and can do all sorts of different things. Most of what I do is weeding, pruning decorative hedges, lawnmowing, hacking back overgrown areas, pruning fruit trees, and various odd jobs when someone just needs a freelancer.

The website is still under construction but it will be used to showcase my work and other interests.

I love bringing order out of chaos and beautifying client’s gardens. If you need work done in the Palouse area please contact me via the contact form on this website or with the following information:



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Here are some pictures from recent jobs- sorry, I don’t take very good pictures and often forget to take proper before and after pictures!

Cleaning up shrubs and weeds from an overgrown, but beautiful, garden:





I love to make things into square shapes that match the human-made lines of structures and walkways. These are showing a lot of brown now, but it is necessary to get them back into shape. And look how much it opened the front of the building!





Here I cleared back majorly overgrown hedgerow of cotoneaster to open up the paths around a client’s house- it opened up her courtyard so much!





A fruit tree I pruned in the winter – I can’t take credit for the cool shape, I just took it over last year. I wish I had more pictures of trees I have taken care of for several years:





Here’s a some trees which have received several years of pruning:


I moved this raised bed from another location for a client. There was a small amount of property and it had to be put into a different shape, but I was very happy with how it turned out- it looks great with the lines parallel to the walkway:

I’ll be updating this page with new jobs as time goes on, I hope to hear from you!