sustainable agriculture books
used books I bought some months ago I’ve managed to read The Joys of Beekeeping, The Tulip, and The Ruth Stout No Work Garden Book. Part way through Cobbett’s country book.

One thing I will be doing on this site is discussing my favorite gardening and farming related books! For the most part I am on a kick where the newest things I read, besides histories, are generally from the ’70s, but I love reading books that are much older. I find it funny when reviews say there is not a “practical application” to the knowledge, because I learn so much about broader topics.

Some of my favorite texts I will be writing about include Langstroth’s Hive and the Honeybee, Farmers of Forty Centuries, The Plowman’s Folly, Farming for Self-Sufficiency, and The Owner-Built Homestead.

I will organize these when I have enough to decide on a good system!


Farmers of Forty Centuries, by F. H. King, 1911.
Farming for Self-Sufficiency, by John and Sally Seymour, 1971.
The Owner-Built Homestead, by Barbara and Ken Kern, 1977.
The Tulip, by Anna Pavord, 1999.
Robbing the Bees, by Holley Bishop, 2005.